Lexx Little: Background and Natty Status

Who is lexx Little?

Lexx Little is a 21 year old influencer, bodybuilder, and powerlifter who creates content of TikTok, Instagram and Youtube. 

How Tall is LEXX?

Lexx’s height is currently 5 feet 11.5 inches or 181 centimeters

claim to fame

Lexx first started to post fitness content in. 2016.  In May of 2018 he posted a video showcasing his 4 year natural transformation from ages 14 to 18 which many in the community have drawn comparisons to David Laid’s 3 year transformation

we go jim

Lexx has recently grown in popularity from a video he posted on YouTube in which he began to yelled at the camera “We go Jim”. The snippet has since been included in many hardstyle songs and has been exponentially gaining traction. The phrase now serves as motivation to bodybuilders and powerlifters all over the world to get out of bed and crush some pr’s.

natty Status

Unlike individuals such as Alex Eubank, there is little actual proof pointing towards Lexx being “not natty” through drug tests. However, after analyzing his old videos, his exponential increase in size is nearly unheard of. Although it will never be admitted to any regard, Lexx’s claim to his current physique is likely partly attributed to his use of steroids. Regardless, like with any bodybuilder this does not remove the fact that he did a large amount of work to reach his current physique.


The NExt David Laid?

It always sounds corny to use phrases calling someone the next coming of someone else. But in Lexx’s content and recent influence on the bodybuilding community there are many comparisons between him and the legend David Laid. Of course there are other very influential creators in the space such as Alex Eubank, but Lexx’s recent popularity and exponential growth has been unseen in a long time. Lexx’s ability to motivate young bodybuilders in the gym has also been unseen according to many opinions in the space.

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