Zyzz Pose – Backstory and Tutorial

who is zyzz?

Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian is a Russian-born Australian bodybuilder, model, and personal trainer. As a high-schooler he was ridiculed for being skinny and was influenced by his brother, chestbrah, who had already been in the gym for some time to start hitting the gym. 

How did zyzz become famous?

As Zyzz became bigger physically, he also became a bigger online presence through his YouTube videos that displayed his liveliness and high energy often with exchanges like: 

Question. Who is Zyzz?

Answer. Zyzz is not a person. Zyzz is merely a personification of a way of life.


why is zyzz so popular today?

Zyzz continues to be popular today as he serves as the poster child for skinny teens that want to change their appearance and become a sickhunt, gain muscle, and no longer feel insecure about how they look. 

He was a one-of-a-kind character with a strong interest in bodybuilding and fitness. His confidence catapulted him into the spotlight, and people all over the world have tried to emulate his positive attitude toward fitness and training. He became an idol to thousands of bodybuilders all over the world because of this and continues to influence new bodybuilders to start hitting the gym. 

Where did the zyzz pose originate?

The pose originated from his social media posts in which he would show off his physique with an emphasis in his iconic pose which soon became a trademark


1. Begin with your feet shoulder width apart with a slight lean to one side

2. twist hips and engage core

3. flex either arm, turning pinky in to emphasize peak of bicep (Make sure hand is behind shoulder)

4. put pinky and ring finger down on other hand

5. Place hand in air, flex both biceps, and look to the sky

Full tutorial

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