David Laid: Background and Natty Status

Who is David Laid?

David Laid is an American fitness influencer and social media star and is best known for his well-sculpted physique. David was born in Estonia in 1994 and was always a slender kid, but he started hitting the gym in high school and gradually built up his frame into the muscular physique it is today. He started his YouTube channel in 2016, and his popularity exploded. He now has over 1 million subscribers on youtube and 2.7 million followers on instagram, and is one of the biggest fitness influencers on social media where he continues to influence aspiring and current bodybuilders with diet and workout tips.

How Tall is David?

David’s height is 6 feet 2 inches (188 centimeters)

How much does David Weigh?

David weight is currently around 195 pounds (88.5 Kilograms)

Introduction To Bodybuilding

David’s introduction to bodybuilding occurred during his adolescence. From a young age, David was frequently bullied and harassed for his skinny frame and appearance. On top of this, he was diagnosed with scoliosis at 14 which compelled David to go to the gym and start working out. His interest and approach towards fitness evolved into an all encompassing part of his life. As seen in his famous youtube video, his unprecedented gains from ages to 14 to 17 are crystalized.

Rise to Fame

David Laid’s rise to fame is largely attributed to his famous youtube video showing his transformation between the ages of 14 and 17. After the upload and its viral success, David began teaching a young bodybuilder community on how to achieve the same transformation he once did. He began vlogging his daily gym journeys and provided workout plans and diet tips to his subscribers that are still used to this day.

Is David Laid Natty?

Like many bodybuilders in the community such as Lexx Little, or Alex Eubank, the question of whether David is “Natty or Not” is tough to answer with one hundred percent confidence. However, the facts conclude that he is likely not natural.

As a natural ectomorph, his physique prior to his transformation at age 14 contained little to no muscle. Between ages 14 to 16, David’s muscle mass increased quite considerably which could naturally occur due to a combination of hard work, proper diet, and noob gains. At age 17 things begin to get quite shaky. His deadlift increased to 565 pounds, bench press increased to 315, and squat increased to 405 pounds. These levels are on par with world champion powerlifters at his age. He has also never competed in any drug-tested powerlifting meets which, at these numbers, does not make any rational sense.

So, on the question of whether he is natural the answer is likely no. Consider the chances of what it would take for a kid as skinny as he once was to achieve those numbers within 3 years while not fully through the process of puberty and development. Regardless though, this does not take away from the work and dedication needed to achieve his physique and strength regardless of substance use.

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